For the love of Denim

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For years Cowboy's have been wearing denim. We work in denim, we play in denim, we celebrate in denim. From jeans to jackets denim runs through the blood of a cowboy and always will.

We have taken it a step further and are excited to bring to you a cowgirls dream.

The 'Head Dress' features pearl snap buttons down the front, 3/4 sleeves that can wrap around the wrist or roll up around the forearm for a more rugged look. The back-side of the Head Dress features a Native American Warbonnet of beautiful colors printed on soft cotton fabric and stitched onto the beloved-denim.

Pair with some of those leggings you love to wear, a pair of boots and maybe wrap one of your favorite belts around the waist.

Y'all order now and be rodeo-ready or New Years Eve party-ready!

And as always, keep your Beautiful Boho, Gyspy Souls fueled with your favorite styles y'all. 

*Stay true to your Style*

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  • Shanon Diaz on

    Does it come in an XL? How much is it?

  • Nikki McQuay on

    How do we order?

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